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About The Loskop Valley Route

The Loskop Valley Route Association was created to promote and market the Loskop Valley as a prime tourism destination. We list all businesses, lodges and tourist attractions.  This assists tourists by informing them of the best accommodation and attractions to suit their requirements. It also promotes our local businesses. Our offices are located at the Loskopdam Shopping Area, district Groblersdal.

For more information or to become a member, please feel free to contact us!

Our Mission Statement

The Association will strive:


  1. To promote and market the Loskop Valley Route as a prime Tourism destination;
  2. To ensure vibrant and clean hospitality and business centres for a culturally active, harmonious and gainfully employed local community;
  3. For the provision of commercial and tourism products to satisfy the needs and standards of residents and tourists; and
  4. For Economic advantage to all members and residents, who are seen as shareholders in the tourism industry.