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Membership Application & Agreement (Download in pdf format)

Membership Advantages
Loskop Valley Route helps drive your business!

Outstanding Marketing Strategy
Loskop Valley Route leads impactful marketing which helps grows the business for Loskop Valley Route Greater Victoria. We are building a compelling brand proposition for visitors and growing our business more than ever.

Benefiting the Entire Region
Loskop Valley Route takes an all-inclusive, regional approach to marketing that benefits all members and the region. Some examples include: the Community participation, brand portfolio strategy and funding for events to promote the Loskop Valley Route.

Bolstering our Impact
Membership contributions are vital to assist in marketing our destination. Your support allows us to make a bigger impact with more consumers to drive the maximum amount of visitation to our region.

Maximize your Digital Exposure
Reach and influence visitors before they arrive in the Loskop Valley with a presence on  www.loskopvalleyroute.com.  You will also be reaching visitors on their cellphones and tablets. Our mobile website aim is to give Loskop Valley Route maximum exposure to visitors.

Increase your Social Status
Membership entitles you to tap into our far reaching and fully engaged social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hash# and Pinterest just to name a few.

Get in the hands of visitors
Member brochures are displayed at the Information Centre and will be viewed by visiting visitors during all seasons.

Make valuable connections
Take advantage of valuable and exclusive free networking events and educational workshops. As a Loskop Valley Route member you will be a part of a dynamic and influential group of business professionals.

Strenghten the Industry
Tourism in the Loskop Valley Route want to achieve to increase the annual revenue and assist with job creation in our entire region. Supporting tourism in the Loskop Valley Route keeps this industry strong. We are stronger together with a larger membership base.

Join Now
The Loskop Valley Route is a not-for-profit membership driven association of tourism and non-tourism businesses and suppliers. We are a newly established Tourism Route with active members. We strive to increase tourism income in the Loskop Valley Route and we promote our members exclusively!

Member businesses prosper directly from sales leads and marketing opportunities; indirectly businesses prosper from increased economic growth, which is crucial to the local business climate and quality of life. By investing in our future, you invest in your own.


  • Listing on www.loskopvalleyroute.co.za
  • Listing on mobile website and application
  • Enhanced Digital package (weblink, image gallery, social media links, YouTube video) Listing in Vacation Guide – printed and online versions
  • Brochure rack at the Information Centre and members’ outlets
  • Visitor maps
  • Annual member decal
  • Use of Loskop Valley Route Proud Member logos
  • Voting rights
  • Membership card services
  • Featured and promoted over non-members eNewsletter updates



  • Membership shall be open to Tourism Establishments in the Loskop Valley Route area.
  • Membership shall be open to Traders, businesses, industrialists, financiers, companies, associations, organizations, merchants, shopkeepers or institutions of whatever nature who apply for such.
  • Each business which applies in terms of 6.2 above will have one vote at a General Meeting.
  • Members of other Tourism Bureaux as country members. Such members shall have no voting powers unless full membership is granted them.
  • Membership is renewable 6 monthly for the initial period.  (To be advised on 28 June 2016).

Cancellation Membership

  • Cancellation of membership must be received by the Corporate Office in writing 0 (THIRTY) days prior to the 6 (SIX) monthly renewal date.
  • Failure to comply with the Member Code of Conduct may result in cancellation or suspension of membership.

Termination of Membership

The Management Committee will have the authority in the following circumstances to suspend a member of the Association after due notice has been given to the member and redress having being afforded:

  • In the event of membership fees being 60 days in arrears.
  • In the event of a member, at the discretion of the Management Committee, acting contrary to the objectives and Constitution of the Association.
  • If the behaviour of a member  is such that, at the discretion of the Management Committee, it makes him unsuitable to stay on as a member of the Association.
  • Pending on the severity of any complaint, your membership can be immediately terminated after consecutive legitimate complaints are lodged against you/your institution
  • When any member’s statutory rights to trade are withdrawn by Council or any Government Body for any other legal reason.

Subscriptions (Membership Fees)

  • Membership fees will be determined by the Management Committee from time to time in respect of the different categories of membership as set out in clause 6. The Management Committee will after consideration of the facts have the final say to determine in which category a member will be categorized.
  • Subscriptions will be due and payable on application and acceptance of membership and thereafter by notification.
  • New members will pay subscription on a pro rata basis with effect from the month during which they are admitted as new members.

Financial Administration

  • The finances of the Association shall be controlled by who will receive subscriptions and shall make such payments as approved by the Management Committee.
  • Proper books of account shall be kept of money received and expended by the Association.
  • The Association's financial year shall be from 1 March of one year to the last day of February of the next year.
  • All cheques of the Association must be authorized (2016) by any two of the following people: Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Treasurer.
  • The accounts of the Association shall be audited at least once in every year by a qualified auditor or by some suitably qualified person appointed by the Association at its Annual General Meeting. This audit must take place prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Treasurer of the Association shall not later than the 31 st of March in each year deliver to the Accountant a full set of the financial documents; to draw up the financial statement which will then be submitted at the Annual General Meeting. The report of the auditor or such other suitably qualified person must be available to the members as soon as it is received. In the event of an auditor not being able to fulfil his duties in terms of his appointment, the Management Committee will have the authority to appoint another person until the next Annual General Meeting.)
  • The Management Committee will have the right to open bank accounts in the name of the Association as they deem fit.
  • The Association must yearly, but not later than six months after the end of the financial year, deliver a report in respect of its affairs and activities during the financial year together with its audited financial statements as well as a budget for the next financial year and accompanying business plan, to the Chief Executive Officer of the local government, and such report, financial statements and budget must be tabled at the next meeting of the Local Government for perusal and consideration.